We are a three form entry school plus a Nursery with just over six hundred children located in Billesley in the South of Birmingham. Our pupils generally live close to the school in the Billesley area, however some children come from further away.

There are currently over 40 different ethnic groups represented in the school. The majority of pupils are either from White British or Pakistani backgrounds and about a half of pupils are learning English as an additional language.

Our building was built in the 1920s and has been kept up to date as a well maintained and calm learning environment, with much recent refurbishment making the school an even more welcoming place to learn and to visit. There are extensive grounds and outdoor facilities to enhance the outdoor and sporting opportunities available.

The school itself takes pupils from three to eleven years.

Ethos & Values

Our objective is to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life. Our strategy is to develop people - through the knowledge and commitment of our staff, through challenge and support to our children and through working in partnership with our community to see education as the essential route to success in life.

Our mission statement is to
‘Inspire our children to succeed
Create excitement for learning
Achieve excellence’

This is our approach to all aspects of school life, from a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities to our excellent catering service and from the warm welcome you receive on entering the school to the highest possible standards of academic excellence.

We pride ourselves on a ‘no excuses’ culture. We believe that every child has the right to the highest possible standards in their education so that they have the skills they need to succeed in life. Equality of opportunity is at the core of our beliefs to ensure that our children are prepared for life in modern Britain as a global citizen.

We are proud to be a school that places children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural education at the heart of our work which is demonstrated through our commitment to children’s active participation in a wide range of community partnerships and opportunities. We are proud of our partnerships which bring so much to our school including innovative international theatre company Stan’s Cafe, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre,leading Startwell, a highly praised Early Years health and physical development programme across Birmingham and community links with our local outstanding Early Years provision at Grendon and Billesley Family Centre and Nursery.

‘Every moment we practise the right things is a moment that builds habits of excellence’

Our Aims

Every year, we set ourselves challenging targets to improve and these are presented in the School Improvement Plan (see link).

This year, our targets are as follows:

Key Aim 1: To further develop pedagogy to meet the needs of all pupils, with a focus on the most disadvantaged

  • Further refine early identification and support procedures to promote the highest standards of welfare and safety.
  • Enhance staff knowledge of the most disadvantaged and remove barriers to learning.
  • Revise provision and support structures for the most disadvantaged and accelerate rates of progress.

Key Aim 2: To further develop the quality of curriculum provision

  • Ensure subjects are coherently planned and sequenced so all pupils make strong progress.
  • Provide teachers with high-quality professional development so that they make better pedagogical choices
  • Ensure that most disadvantaged pupils have access to a wide range of experiences so that they develop as active citizens

Key Aim 3: To ensure all children achieve the highest standards in English with a focus on boys

  • Design a curriculum for the most disadvantaged pupils to excel.
  • Further develop writing structures to secure high-quality endpoints.
  • Improve questioning in reading to ensure sustained progression.

Key Aim 4: To secure the highest standards of Maths through high quality teaching and learning

  • Develop the curriculum which meets the precise needs of the most disadvantaged pupils.
  • Secure the fundamentals of Mathematics and ensure a depth of understanding.
  • Promote a culture of high expectations and self- belief, where a love of Maths can flourish.

Key Aim 5: To further develop the role and influence of the school in the wider education system

  • Enhance the skills and knowledge of leaders and teachers to support practice within the school and in partner schools
  • Develop the role of Billesley Research school
  • Build local and national networks and partnerships

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