The Red Tree Fund
Congratulations and a huge thank you to everyone who helped.

It doesn’t seem two minutes since we set up the Red Tree Fund in Summer 2017 and it is amazing that in just over two years that together we have raised such a huge amount of money and together have managed to hit our target.

During this time we have held many fun events and made a huge difference to the children of Billesley Primary school. In June 2018 we had raised nearly £10,000 and last year our fundraising really took off thanks to your contributions, Tesco's Bags of Help, a grant from the Elliott foundation, the staff hike up Snowden and the final boost on ‘Wear Red Day’.

The school playgrounds have been transformed and our children are more active than ever. The children continue to be taught strategies for mindfulness and the importance of physical activity to improve their well being. Teachers are constantly supporting children to improve self esteem and confidence; and develop problem solving skills and an ability to deal with change.

We can’t stop now!
We have set a new target for the coming year of £10,000.

We have already raised £4690 this year.
More exciting events are planned. Information on other events will follow soon.

Read on for more information:

The Red Tree Fund and the Importance of Positive Well Being.

Billesley Primary School is committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of school life. We have the highest expectations for teaching, learning and achievement across the school. Our aim is to make learning enjoyable, allowing every individual to achieve their best and to nurture their talents, as well as giving them safety, security and the skills they will need to be active, responsible citizens and happy, caring adults in the future.
We recognise that to achieve this and for children to succeed, children need to be physically fit, resilient and mentally healthy; that is to say, they have good emotional well being. And so we are committed to:
• Ensuring children have the knowledge and skills to develop good physical health and healthy minds.
• Developing in children a range of skills and strategies that will stay with them into adulthood and will help them to cope with the worry and stress of life’s ups and downs.
Children who are mentally healthy have the ability to:
• develop psychologically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually
• initiate, develop and sustain mutually satisfying personal relationships
• use and enjoy solitude
• become aware of others and empathise with them
• play and learn
• develop a sense of right and wrong
• resolve problems and setbacks and learn from them
With all this in mind, we have raised over £30,000 and are aiming to raise another £10,000 to continue to support improving children’s well being. All money raised has been and will be used to create inspiring places within our school and school playground to provide children with a range of physical challenges and activities, as well as providing quiet spaces for reading, mindfulness activities and mentoring.
Developments will improve children’s physical and mental health, and help them to become more resilient, through improving self-esteem, confidence, a belief in self, problem-solving skills and an ability to deal with change. They will have opportunities to be more active, engage in mentoring, help others, engage in mindfulness activities and access quiet relaxing spaces, where they can simply relax or share a book with their friends.
Thank you for your ongoing support and continued generosity. It really is making a difference to the children of Billesley Primary school.
Please continue to join in events and give generously.

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