Dear Parents/Carers


It has been lovely to welcome our children back after the partial school closure in the summer term. The children settled back into school life immediately and are already catching up on the learning they missed over the Spring and Summer terms. We are extremely proud of them and I’m sure you are too.

In the summer we invested in an online homework platform called Mathletics to support learning at home alongside Bug Club for reading. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the programme please contact the school office or speak to your child’s class teacher.


The government has just updated their guidance for schools. One of the key updates is:

  • Always keeping occupied spaces well ventilated


With this in mind we will:


  • Open high level windows to maintain fresh air flow

  • When rooms are vacated for break/lunchtime, open doors and windows

  • Open internal doors to give airflow

  • Encourage warmer clothing in colder weather

 We will also continue with the following measures:


  • enhanced cleaning arrangements

  • robust hand and respiratory hygiene

  • consideration of how to reduce contacts and maxmise distancing wherever possible

  • stagger lunchtime and play times

  • group children together by continuing to operate a bubble approach

  • avoid contact between groups wherever possible

  • encourage staff to maintain distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible

  • stagger start and finish times to the school day


*Please note we have made some slight changes to start and end times. See below


Children start times

Children finish times

YN,  8:30am

RF, 1J, 1M, IP,  RB1, RB2  - 8:40am

RL, RM   8:45am

2C, 2H,  3O, 3M - 8:45 am

6H, 6B, 6S, 5S - 8:50am

4L, 4B, 4J, - 8:55 am

5M, 5C, 2T, 3C - 9:00 am

YN,  3:30pm

RF, 1J, 1M, IP  RB1, RB2  - 3:00 pm

RL, RM   3:05 pm

2C, 2H,  3O, 3M  - 3:05 pm

6H, 6B, 6S, 5S   - 3:10pm

4L, 4B, 4J,  - 3:15 pm

5M, 5C, 2T, 3C - 3:20pm

To support you, we have created a Parent Handbook which contains all the information you need to know. see here


Thank you for your continued support

Mr Rogerson




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